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Change Management

Client Challenge: The client is a global brand and the largest player in the Indian power tools market. They have a large and established distribution network in India. However, competition on the technical and innovation front from global brands, and growth of Indian and Chinese brands have been presenting challenges for future growth. Management has put together a comprehensive strategy. The sales team needs to be aligned with the strategy, in terms of process, structure, productivity etc. Channels need to be developed and managed differently and aggressively.

Our approach: The approach involved coaching, mentoring and guiding the sales and service teams to let go of their fears, manage the change and align with the new strategy in the interests of sustainability, profitability and growth. This was done through a combination of training sessions/workshops, simulated games, brainstorming, case studies, behavioural change, personal projects and strategic inputs.

Impact:  Sales team saw an increase in productivity, team members were able to take on individual goals and targets and achieve them. They were able to plan and structure their work more effectively. They now manage ten times the number of distributors that they earlier managed. They have also been able to minimize channel conflict and onboard distributors at a rapid rate. The result has been a sustainable way of growing the business.


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July 4, 2020