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Market Entry – trade agency

Client challenge: An international trade agency wanted to facilitate it members to capture revenue in the Indian market. India is a dynamic and challenging market, with lack of sufficient information and a myriad of complex channels to reach out to customers. Without significant investment in time and resources and management bandwidth, they found it hard to break into the market.

Our approach: Extensive work was done for the trade agency and its members to undertake market development work in South Asia. We enabled more than 30 companies to cut their time to market in India. The gamut of activities involved organizing events to publicize their umbrella brand, organizing speaking slots to promote companies at thought leadership forums, undertaking business development activity to identify large projects, influencing and advocating to top management of all stakeholders, identification of alliance partners, negotiation of MOUs, building business traction, research to identify opportunities and follow through to close deals etc. Marketing and sales programs to generate leads was also managed.

Impact: Companies would normally have taken at least 2 years to understand the market, hire resources, build relationships and identify & close opportunities. The process was accelerated and they were able to hit the ground running with the right partnerships in place and opportunities to follow up in less than a quarter. Some partnerships have now fructified into joint ventures. The trade agency was able to account for around $ 80 million in business deals closed through our facilitation.


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May 25, 2020