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Business Transformation – Internal processes & Sales growth

Client provides leading tableware brands to the hospitality sector in India. There were many senior level exits in sales to join the competition. Revenues were dropping and the team needed to be held together and re-built. There were threats from cheap Chinese products, and the client had to find a way to engage customers more effectively and sell high end brands. At the same time a succession plan had to be managed.

Approach: To provide a better customer experience, both the sales and back end processes were documented, re-engineered and improved. The entire back end comprising procurement, logistics and despatch was streamlined, so that the company can respond better to customer requirements with pricing, faster and accurate delivery, effective supplier engagement, etc. Processes across functions like sales, marketing, procurement, and logistics were streamlined and this enabled status reports to be presented every week for follow up and review.

At a strategic level, brands were rationalized, and focus was brought in. Research was done to understand the market and the competition. An appropriate Go-to-market strategy was designed and implemented. Focus was brought along Product lines like kitchenware, cutlery and glassware. Segments were defined, and strategy for each segment was clarified. Brands were rationalized. Channels were also established for high volume segments where high touch was not necessary. A new sales strategy was implemented by working closely with the sales and back end teams. Plan to implement a proactive marketing campaign were also put in place.

Impact: The capabilities were built such that the sales team now felt empowered to grow revenues. Clarity in process and roles brought in transparency, purpose, and rejuvenated the entire organization. An appropriate incentive mechanism motivated them to take ownership, focus and perform to the highest standards. Sales teams not only began focussing on their strategic and large accounts but began to manage distributors to drive volume and pushed the back end teams to fulfil the deliveries. As a result, in the latest annual planning exercise the teams confidently set double the previous target and went about achieving it.


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July 3, 2020