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Watch this video on why Children need to know Coding

…..code is increasingly pervading every aspect pf their lives. The future could be as though they need to know code, just like we know English….

Learning to code helps students develop essential 21st-century skills.  Through coding, students learn to see the world through the lens of computational thinking. Computational thinking enables students to decompose problems, recognize patterns, and understand abstract concepts. Students can apply these skills to their everyday lives. Coding is also a new type of literacy that prepares students for the careers of tomorrow. Whether it’s a career in graphic arts or financial consulting, more and more occupations require employees to have at least a fundamental understanding of reading and writing code. Coding also prepares students for successful and high-demand careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Robots are an integral part of students’ everyday lives. From doing chores with a robo vacuum to buying a snack at a vending machine, robots are everywhere around them. A robot is a machine that can gather information about its environment and use that information and any pre-programmed instructions to complete tasks. Robots are controlled by code to perform these instructions. These could be very simple and specific, like completing a set of movements that would cut a piece of wood to a certain length, or extremely complex, like teaching the robot how to respond in new situations. Robotics brings coding and STEM to life. It provides great opportunities for students to develop and apply their coding skills through hands-on experiences. Dash and Dot provide students with instant feedback and engages their spatial awareness capabilities. With lights, sounds, and movement, Dash and Dot help students see how they can solve problems and express ideas through the power of code

Dash, Dot and Cue are smart robots for curious minds. Their personalities come alive with animations, sounds, and lights to engage students’ creativity. These clever and rugged robots come equipped with speakers, sensors, microphones, lights, and motors that allow students to explore the world of robotics in a creative and interactive way.
We offer Six free apps which give students the opportunity to experience coding in a scaffolded manner. Go, Xylo, and Path are designed for pre-readers, while Blockly and Wonder offer more advanced programming platforms for primary students. Using the Cue app, senior students can learn advanced programming concepts and Javascript. With Blockly, students learn to code using a block-based programming tool. With Wonder, students use a revolutionary, flow-based programming language, where they arrange their code into patterns that are like flowcharts or decision trees. With this type of programming, students create state machines which is similar to what robotics engineers use in their work.


Helps Students develop & apply coding skills through hands-on experience
o Using apps to interact with robots
o Learn the revolutionary flow-based method of coding using wonder
o Learn block based approach to coding using blockly
o Learn & strengthen coding concepts like sequences, loops, repeatables, functions, variables, Booleans, events, conditionals, Javascript
• Learn design thinking skills. Work keeping the desired outcome in mind. They learn to decompose problems, recognize patterns and understand abstract concepts
• Learn to document the work done using planning and reflection worksheets
• Enable them to collaborate in teams, be creative and constantly iterate better solutions

Our solution is a complete platform and offers the following:

• Complete curriculum that is designed for specific age groups from pre-readers to grade 8
• A range of apps that are used to code and interact with the robots
• Robots – Dash and Cue that respond to the code and interact with the environment
• Global Competition – Enabling children to participate in global competitions that will win them and their school accolades

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