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About us

We provide management consulting services to help companies grow and transform their business by identifying external gaps wrt the product/market & internal organizational gaps. We help teams implement change and build capabilities across sales, marketing, product development, strategy, operations & in scaling the organization.

Management Consulting Services

Growth Strategy & implementation

Growth Strategy, Business model innovation and transformation for SME

  • Identifying & bridging external gaps due to environment change (customers, technology, competition) in terms of product/solution and strategy alignment
  • Co-create growth strategy with client by offering research-based insights
  • Assist with implementation, coaching, reviews, change management and interim management support to bridge capability gaps
  • Provide specialist knowledge support & bandwidth to the CEO
  • Strategy, research and business planning, project feasibility analysis, contracting and structuring for projects, JVs and alliances

Capability building to grow and scale the company

  • Conduct audits using standard frameworks to identify issues/problems such as internal gaps, lack of alignment among functions. Design solutions for implementation
  • Assist leadership to overcome lack of multi-functional co-ordination, poor visibility/accountability of organizational activities, low productivity.
  • Implement Processes & frameworks aligned with Strategy – build a high performance sales/marketing/ops functions, Design & implement Agile/scrum processes (from work planning to implementation/control, to achieving outcomes),
  • Operational governance systems: organization structures, work processes, performance management frameworks, metrics to align behaviour with strategy & cross-functional goals, Control process with data, Growth hacking & continuous improvement.

Marketing Support

Marketing, Content creation, Proposals, Branding

  • Creating high quality proposals (value based marketing) for large deals, feasibility studies, brochures, presentations, sales kits, white papers, case studies, website, blogs
  • Market entry research, strategy and plans
  • Product Marketing/management support
  • Branding & Content creation
    • Developing the Value proposition, positioning, Re-branding
    • Creating original content based on research and interviews that help in positioning.
  • B2B Inside sales & Digital marketing campaigns – Lead generation/enrichment & qualification; creating digital marketing content, engaging leads, frugal/targeted brand building; Product launch/re-launch; India market entry services for foreign companies
  • Customer engagement programs, Customer success programs, Customer reactivation, Aftermarket sales
  • Distribution channel development: Design, policy, on boarding partners, activating and driving them for sales

Market Research

  • Primary / Secondary research
  • Insight reports for Strategy
  • Regular updates for Decision support
  • Analysis of syndicated research & data

Problem identification research

  • Discover what went wrong with your current approach in the market
  • Market characteristics – What does your target segment really want? What messages do they like? What are their buying preferences?
  • What are the problems faced by potential customers?
  • What is the real market potential?
  • What is the competition really like on the ground?
  • Brand image perception understand the problem and work to overcome it
  • How are business trends affecting us (regulatory, social media, digital channels, etc)?

Problem solving research

  • Business Growth: Understand customers better, segment and target them accurately, size the market segment, forecast sales etc. Explore new market & product opportunities
  • Product research (throughout the product lifecycle) – test marketing, pricing/promotional research, distribution research etc.
  • Decision Support: Brand tracking programs, competitor updates, consumer usage trends, benchmarking
  • Sales and marketing effectiveness – collect & analyse data to monitor & provide insights, performance management, resource alignment, alerts and goal setting
  • Insights, knowledge & reports for Decision making and Strategy

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